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Green Beans Coffee

Since March 3, 2015, SFO guests and employees have been enjoying artisan roasting style coffee and freshly baked goods at SFO’s first Green Beans Coffee location in Terminal 1.  Green Beans Coffee serves coffee, espresso drinks, fresh baked products, breakfast items, deli sandwiches and bagels.  Beverages include gourmet coffee and teas, juices and soft drinks.

The Green Beans Coffee Company was founded by two brothers, Jason and Jon Araghi who saw a need to serve the military overseas and the opportunity to introduce gourmet coffee to an underserved market.  The first Green Beans Coffee location opened in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1996. Today, Green Beans Coffee has more than 50 locations throughout the world and specializes in serving U.S. troops in the Middle East, Southwest Asia and Africa.  The company continues to actively support the military with programs such as a “Cup of Joe for a Joe” which allows Americans at home to send a cup of coffee and a letter of thanks to overseas military personnel.

About three years ago, the Araghi brothers felt that expanding their business to airports was a natural progression because many of their customers travel. “As a local company, we have always wanted to have a presence in a local airport,” commented Jason Araghi, Green Beans Coffee CEO and Co-Founder.  “We are Bay Area based, and one of our greatest desires was to open a location at SFO.  Working at the airport is similar to a military base as there is a captive audience.  It’s a confined environment and we are familiar with operating in areas where there is limited access and speed of service is very important.”

The Araghi brothers partnered with Ebon Glenn, former Vice President of Operations at RDG Concessions and co-owner of the Green Beans Coffee location at SFO.  Based on Ebon’s history at SFO, they felt that he was the perfect person to partner with.

Since its grand opening at SFO, Green Beans Coffee has already developed popular trending items such as the Mango Smoothie and the Chicken Pesto Sandwich.  Visit Green Beans Coffee today in Terminal 1, at the entrance to the Boarding Area C security checkpoint and take advantage of the generous 25% employee discount.  Daily hours of operation are from 4:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.