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BART Discount Card




Background  |  Who is eligible?  |  How does it work?  |  How do I sign up?  |  For Airline Employees  



BART fares to and from SFO include an Airport surcharge of $4.55 per trip. The resulting fare is disproportionately high for daily commuting.

The BART SFO Discount Card removes this surcharge. For example, if you travel from Civic Center to SFO, the public fare is currently $9.15 each way using a Clipper Card.The SFO employee fare, with the discount, is just $4.60 each way. But there’s more. BART adds a bonus each time your BART SFO Discount Card is charged, so your out-of-pocket cost drops to just $4.31.

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Who is Eligible?

All employees at SFO are eligible to receive the BART discount.

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How does it work?

SFO BART Discount Card

All participants will receive a smart fare card from BART with a copy of their picture from their SFO badge. The picture will be copied from the SFO badge database as part of the registration process. You’ll use this card to activate the BART fare gates, instead of a Clipper Card or paper fare card.

You must link a credit or debit card to participate in the program, as follows:

  • Link a credit card or non-PIN debit card
  • Link a payroll deduction card if you work for a participating employer (offers tax savings)

City and County of San Francisco employees can use a Wage Works payroll deduction Visa card. If you work for an Airport tenant, check with your HR department to see if a similar program is offered.

Then, take advantage of a BART bonus. Whenever the balance on your BART Discount Card drops below $10, BART will charge $45 to your credit or debit card, and add $3 so you get $48 in fare value. When you travel between SFO and Millbrae (Caltrain connection), your trip is completely free once the initial $45 has been charged to your account. There is a one-time $20 setup fee for the card, which will pay for itself in no time. Some employers, like the Airport Commission, reimburse this fee.

Be aware, if you lose the card, there is a $20 processing fee to get a new card issued (BART waives this fee the first time).

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How do I sign up?

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to https://ezrider.bart.gov and scroll down to the “SFO Airport Employees” section. 
  2. Read the FAQ and tutorial.
  3. Verify your eligibility by inputting your first and last name exactly as shown on your SFO ID badge or Team SFO Discount Pass, as well as the UPID or CUPID code. If the sign-up page does not appear, your information is not accessible to BART. If you’re a new employee, you’ll need to wait 1-2 days for the Security Access Office to process it.
  4. If you still can’t sign up, send an e-mail to transit.credit@flysfo.com, including your name as shown on your security badge, your UPID or CUPID code, and your employer. We’ll follow up with Airport IT and BART.  For more information, contact: 

    Business and Career Center
    9 a.m. to 12 p.m., 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

  5. Read and accept the privacy policy and license agreements.
  6. Submit your personal information and payment card details. You can also choose to use your credit or debit card to pay for BART parking.
  7. You’ll be charged $20 for the one-time administrative fee.
  • For Airport Commission Employees - The Airport Commission reimburses you for the $20 charge. Send a Field Expense Report along with a copy of your BART discount card transaction record to Accounting.
  • For other City and Tenant Employees, please check with your Human Resources department to find out if your company will reimburse this expense.
  • Once your Discount Card arrives by mail, you’ll need to activate it. Follow the instructions from BART. You may need to wait one day before using the SFO Discount Card to enter the BART system.
  • $45 will be charged to your credit or debit card when you first use the SFO discount card to enter the BART system, and a $3 bonus will be added (see above).
  • Enjoy your savings!
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    For Airline Employees

    Contact your supervisor or Human Resources liaison to sign up for the Airline version of the SFO BART Discount Card.

    If your airline does not participate in the program, your HR liaison or manager needs to contact the following BART liaison:

    Mr. Todd Morgan, Assistant Treasurer, Bay Area Rapid Transit


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