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Carpools: What are my options?

The Airport is committed to the City’s Transit First policy, and encourages all Airport Commission employees that may not have easy access to transit to try carpooling to work. There are two types of carpooling options available to consider; traditional carpooling, where individuals may organize to share a ride with colleagues and friends, or smartphone app-based carpooling, where the app matches you either as a driver or a rider with individuals that have similar commutes.

App-based carpooling has the advantages of allowing you more flexibility with your schedule, where you can have different departure times depending on the day of week, or even decide up to the night before what time you would like to leave the following morning. It also allows you to register as a driver or a rider, where as a driver you will earn back the cost of normal wear and tear associated with your commute. All transactions are electronic and controlled through the app, so you don’t have to worry about any payment to take place between you and your co-rider.

For more information on app-based carpooling, we encourage you take a look at the Bay Area’s 511 Rideshare website. Also, for a limited time, anyone working within San Mateo County (including the Airport) can earn $100 in e-gift cards for registering with San Mateo County’s Commute.org’s Carpool 2.0 program.

Please check back quarterly for updates on carpooling to and from the Airport.