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Employee Wildfire Smoke Notice

The Air Quality Index (AQI) has reached the Unhealthy (red/purple) range in the San Francisco area.  Attached is a Wildfire Smoke Notice required by Cal/OSHA that describes the City’s response to protect employee health and safety. 

The Notice outlines regulations specific to outdoor workers who must be provided with N95 respirators for voluntary use when working outdoors for more than one hour.  In addition, please postpone any non-essential strenuous outdoor work while the Air Quality remains at Unhealthy levels. 

The City has adopted similar standards for indoor workers and requires departments to offer N95 respirators for voluntary use when required to go outdoors.  Work may safely continue inside buildings with filtration systems even when the smell of smoke is detectable.

Please make this notice available to all employees.  For additional information, contact the Safety and Health office main number at (650) 821-5907.