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SFO Recognizes Hispanic Heritage Month

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Airport will host a live panel discussion examining the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the Latinx community. This discussion will also highlight how the pandemic has deepened preexisting health and social inequities for the community, and the barriers that must be removed so that everyone has a fair opportunity to live a healthy life.

Corina Monzón, Airport Commission Secretary, will lead this discussion which will feature noted community, healthcare, and social justice leaders from the Bay Area.

Brenda Storey, CEO at Mission Neighborhood Health Center, will discuss the health challenges facing the Latinx community and the disparities in quality of healthcare that exist due to race. Santiago “Sam” Ruiz, Executive Director for Mission Neighborhood Centers, will provide insight into how the current pandemic highlights the everyday challenges faced by the community. Miguel Bustos, Senior Director at Glide’s Center for Social Justice, will discuss the impact of the current social justice movement on Latinx communities.