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Temporary Telecommuting - San Francisco Airport Commission


Telecommute Quickstart Guide (PDF)


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How to Enter SFOTime During Shelter In Place

SFO is committed to doing everything possible to minimize health risk for our employees, consistent with the Department of Public Health Recommendations (PDF) on March 11th and occupational health standards.  During the course of this public health emergency, as recommended in the Department of Human Resources (DHR) Alert (PDF) on March 7th, SFO will consider requests for temporary telecommuting.  For employees with a need to telecommute and whose job duties are suitable for remote work, please discuss this option with your supervisor.  If you are making this request based on your belief that you have a medical condition that renders you particularly vulnerable to the virus, you do not need to disclose that condition.  You should not disclose your medical condition or other personal information, only that you believe you are in a vulnerable group, and that you are requesting permission to work remotely. 

If you are unsure whether you are in a vulnerable group, please review the guidance from DPH and DHR or consult with your health care provider.  Please note that many Airport positions are not suited to telecommuting, due to the operational needs of the Airport.

For more information on telecommuting, and to ensure you understand the requirements for telecommuting, please watch the City video here. Employees may not engage in activities while telecommuting that are not permitted at the regular worksite.

In order to telecommute, the Temporary Telecommute Application and Agreement Form must be approved by your 1) Supervisor/Manager, 2) Division Chief, and 3) Airport Human Resources before you may start working from home.  Temporary telecommuting agreements will be approved initially for two (2) weeks.  In the event the emergency continues, employees may submit an email to his/her/their supervisor and SFO Human Resources requesting to extend the temporary telecommuting agreement.

For telecommuting questions, contact SFO Human Resources at 650.821.2000.


Information on how to request a VPN (PDF)